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Re: Run Training - The Program (part 2) [timboricki]
Not BarryP but I've have extensive experience running on the treadmill.

Short answer: YES

Long answer see below:

I used to do >50% of my running for 9-10 months of the year on the treadmill. Never stopped me from out running the majority of the folks in races. In fact you can use it to your advantage over people who run outdoors.

The things I recommend instead of jacking up the elevation to = outside running, increase the speed. All increasing the incline does is increase the workload which is the same thing that happens when you increase the speed. If the goal is to run faster, well then why not just run faster on the treadmill instead of running up some ridiculous 4% hill?

For long runs, there is no slacking off the pace in the middle. Many people tend to have long runs that slow in the middle, it's not going to happen on the treadmill. I will admit 80-100min on the treadmill can get boring, but just create a long main set to do. 2 that I like are a series of 4-10 hill repeats of .62miles long + .13 flat (for a total of .75miles per repeat) or some sort of threshold set of 5-20 min long repeats.

For speed days once you figure out what what is the = speed for what you do outside, it's easy to control. For me I find that indoors I run about :05-:07 per mile faster then outdoors. If my threshold pace is 5:50 outside, then I run 5:45-5:40 indoors. The great thing about the treadmill is you can control the workout. Want to run quarters at 1;15 pace, you won't get a workout that has you running @ 1:17, 1:14, 1:16, you get 1:15, 1;15 etc. Mile repeats at x:xx? Highly controllable and repeatable.

It's not a question of running inside vs running outside. It's a question of doing the work in your runs to get faster.

Indoors or out, if you don't run the miles and quality, you don't get faster.

Brian Stover
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