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Re: Bayonet fork coming loose [SuperDave]
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anyone have the link to the video showing the assymble of the Bayonet system. I just bought as used B2 here on the cassifieds and the first thing I noticed is the front end is loose. I found the pdf file of the assymbly on Felts website, but would like to see the video. I'll try my hand at it firts, then to my local Felt dealer if I cann't solve it....and if they can't.....I'm sending the bike back. I'm thinking (hopefully not though) this could be the reason for the bike sale.


The video is on our website under "technology"



Found it - thanks.

Looks like I'm adjusting everything correctly and still getting some play in the bearings. I'll drop the fork off to make sure everything from the bottom up is assembled correctly.

After watching the video and looking over the pdf. assembly page I tore the fork down and everything is in order - no missing parts, bearings are facing the right direction against the crowns. I put it all back together and there is still a bit of play in the fork assembly. I can actually see the stem moving against the frame....obviously something is amiss here.

The problem "almost" seems that the fork steering shaft is a bit too long. Once I tighten down the steerer nut as much as possible (there is still some play in the fork at this point and the steerer nut will not go any tighter) I'll then tighten the steerer screw. The steerer screw (it is screwed all the way up into the steerer nut) will only turn about 2mm - almost seems like it is already tight up against the fork steering tube which may be why the steerer nut will not tighten down as much as it should??

Also note that I know my way around bikes....been building my own for too many years, do all my own maintenance and repairs - installing headsets, build my own wheels, tear down disc brakes, etc.....pretty much can do it all so I'm not a hack that is clueless about bikes and how they work. Something just seems amiss here beyond a simple "needs to be tightened correctly". Granted, I could be wrong (done that plenty enough), but........

Any ideas or suggestions??
I have a LBS that is a Felt dealer that I can/plan on having them take a look, but they are a brand new shop (Opened spring of this year) so I'm not sure how much work they've had with the Bayonet II system.

SD, Since you work for Felt, I would like to ask you a question regarding warranty. As I mentioned, I just purchased this frame (used off another ST member) and I just took delivery on Friday. The frame is a 2009 DA, pretty much brand new. Original owner says about 100miles...and looking at the frame, chain and chain rings/cassette, I believe the mileage. "If" there is a problem with the front end that cannot be fixed, will Felt warrant the frame or not? If not, and there turns out to be a problem, I'll need to start the process with the seller about having them take the bike back.

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