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Re: Bayonet fork coming loose [J-to-the-Ho]
I bought my 2008 B2 Pro at the Encinitas store that rhymes with Mytro as well. My advice? Don't trust ANY bike shop to know how to work on this fork. Hell I don't even trust Felt themselves after realizing that their assembly video doesn't even mention using threadlocker. Anyway, follow my instructions at the beginning of this thread to the letter and you should be alright. Using threadlocker is critical, as is using only T-handle hex drivers on those front 2 screws. The good news is that it is a great bike when everything is put together correctly. I placed in the top 5% of men's bike splits at SD international this year using the B2 Pro. I was in the aerobars almost the whole way, down all of the hills and through most of the corners. I think I braked maybe four times. I have never ridden a bike that handles this well. Think of it like a Formula 1 car -- not just any mechanic is qualified to work on it :-)
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