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Re: eat out [trailbait]
i do the same - make extra for lunches the next day. our standards are chicken/turkey pasta (whole grain noodles), chicken fajitas (whole grain tortillas, fat-free yogurt instead of sour cream), pork souvlaki with veggies and jasmine rice (usually stuff some souvlaki & tzatziki in half a whole grain pita with tomato and alfalfa), chicken or steak stir fry with brown rice, rice & bean casserole with lots of salsa, turkey or vegetarian (lentils instead of meat) chili, beef stew with a slice of whole grain bread for mopping up...also do fish baked on a spinach bed with a garlic dijon glaze at least once a week (usually salmon or trout), usually with some couscous and veggies. just bought a couple of cedar planks this evening to try out!

doing a pot of turkey chili in a few minutes, actually...but get a treat tomorrow because we're having company for the weekend, so hubby is going to grill up some gorgeous top sirloin steaks we picked up this evening :)


-mistress k

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