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Re: Intense Pain in Bottom Outside of foot [rroof]
Thanks again for the feedback, So are you saying both feet hurt? or just one?

To answer the questions, I am 6'4 330 lb. I wasn't planning on any triathalons or anything just go jogging on my lunch break do some 30 min HIIT which is what I've been doing on the elliptical and the bike. I am 26

I will Google these terms when I get back on my computer (on a PDA) In the meantime should I do anything outside of ice and heat?

Also on Friday I didn't do much walking as I have an office job and so outside of the 10 min elliptical walking was at a minimum, I really hope this passes I'd hate to have to call in tomorrow as well

Note after looking more closely it does appear it might be the other one mentioned all I know is the pain runs along that bone but is concentrated in that area where the tendon attaches to that bone so I don't even know if it is the tendon for sure, in fact now that I am looking it might be the tibialis interior since the pain starts at that joint and I feel the tenderness all the way up to my toes I am having a friend loan me crutches so I can try to get into work
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