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Re: Beach2Battleship: How was it? [psycholist]
 can't speak for the run course, but as for the bike course, I honestly can't imagine how you could have a course cover 112 miles and it be much better. The bridge crossings were an issue. After that, you really have to be looking for something to complain about to take issue with that course. Riding 100+ miles on ANY course gets boring. As for spectator support, there were far more volunteers scattered out and about the courses than there were participants. I have to wonder what your friends were expecting?
Nobody was complaining about the conditions on the course. But everybody I talked to, said the course was void of any kind of spectators and because it was dead flat it was very boring. This is just their observation not complaining.
And NO, riding 100+ miles on any course does not get boring. Some of the Iron distance courses out there are not boring at all.

I see obsessed people.
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