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Beach2Battleship: How was it?
I just wanted to see what some of the participants thought of the innagural B2B. My wife and I volunteered from 6am - midnight and things looked AWESOME! I'm sure those that raced will have some good feedback, but on our end here are the only items we noticed:

1. They need to have a larger changing tent in T1. It looked like many people were changing outside and it was causing some difficulty.

2. Needed a few more water taxis running between downtown and the battleship. With the thousands of supporters that turned out, the lines were deep.

3. Open the race to more participants. Overlaying the half and full was great because you had the feel that the race was bigger, but it was lonely out there at some places. Especially out in Greenfield Park late.

All in all, we had a BLAST out there and the participants we spoke to said the same. Congrats to all who raced/finished!
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