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Re: Ladies I have a request. [fitzie]
I agree. Two plus years ago I reluctantly got involved with fellow triathlete (and slowtwitch poster "Don") who was "married but ready to leave his wife". In this duplicitous arrangement, he went as so far to qualify us as "husband and wife without the ring", talk about our marriage, our children, their names, etc. I wanted desperately to believe the fantasy but lived in the harsh reality that he was still married and we really didn't have a solid relationship. Needless to say, I continued with the relationship (at the expense of my personal well being) until I finally got wise after the umpteenth lie almost two years into it. His wife also, upon finding out the truth about our affair, finally divorced him. I blame myself for the interaction (I mean, hello! Married guy who thinks you're wonderful + wife who doesn't "know" about the "divorce" = disaster!) Duh.....

leslie myers
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