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Re: Let's see your ride! [NateC]

My apologies. You were last post on the thread.

You should know me by know that all those details are rather insignificant with me. Where the clock stops is what's important. I will say that this bike has flirted with the 5:00 barrier in an IM a couple of times! :)

The Q-rings are interesting. MissP was given a set to try. As good as a cyclist as she is, she has always had a bit of hiccup in her pedal stroke right at the dead-spot at 12:00. We put the Q-rings on and the hiccup went away and really smoothed things out. Will they make her faster? Hard to say. Pedal stroke is smoother and looks more efficient. Will have to wait and see how the racing goes. She's set to do a ITT next week then it's onto IM Lanzarote!

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