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Re: Zipp Aero Data- finally- comparing data with rider [rik]
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Why so angry Mark? Josh and others effectively shot down your first hyperventilating post. And yet you persist with the sputtering and the moaning. And the jumping to conclusions. And the thinly veiled accusations of data cooking.

I'm amazed that the other posters in this thread have the patience to respond to you at all, much less in the balanced, detailed, and thoughtful way that they have.

Still, lots of interesting data presented here. So carry on I guess...


not angry at all- just fact finding.... so here's some more interesting data.... of the below chart that Josh posted- notice that the FP 60 wheel- performs much better than the H3- until 10 degrees of yaw... and then the H3 out performs the FP60 from 10 degrees onward of yaw- very easy to see- at least with Zipp's data. On the VERY next chart that is posted (also at 30mph)- which is found on Zipp's flashpoint site (so, again Zipp's own data)- they have the same FP 60 wheel- not only out performing H3 at 0 yaw, 5, yaw, but much better at 10 yaw, 15 yaw, 20 yaw, AND then finally the H3 is more aerodynamic at 23/24 degrees of yaw.... (basically the chart is saying FP 60 is the better wheel for 95% of all riding conditions... hmmm) Same company- same wheels- being wind tunnel tested... but wow- whatever wheel they are selling- it seems to magically get better... not angry at all- just fact finding! As Josh says- "but we will not lie about this...it's just too easy to be disproven..." I guess their own charts question or answer the preceding statement.

The below chart is hard to read- but the direct link is here and easier to read: http://www.flash-pointracing.com/technology/aerodynamics All you have to do is compare the blue triangle to the vibrant green on the above chart. On the chart below-track the lowest line- light blue to the tannish line with the orange square.... (more or less the bottom (best) two lines)
Aerodynamics - The Shape of Speed
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