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Re: Top 10 Reasons I'm Doing IMAZ [GhiaGirl]
I have already mapped the route from my hotel to Trader Joe's. :)

My top ten:

10. I had to see it to believe that there's 2.4 miles of swimmable water in Tempe.
9. Because it's hard. (Supposedly what I told someone before doing my first IM. Heh.)
8. It's a dry heat.
7. Everything else I do this summer will seem easy in comparison.
6. Road triiiiip!!!
5. I want to give my somewhat skeptical orthopedic surgeon a photo of me crossing the finish line 15 weeks after breaking my wrist.
4. I love my Lucky jeans. And now I can wear them again.
3. It doesn't have to be fun to be fun.
2. I knew it couldn't possibly rain all day like it did at IM Wisconsin. (It won't, right?)
1. Because I finished IM New Zealand (my first and fastest) in 13:05:30. Gotta cut five minutes and 31 seconds somewhere.
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