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Re: Small town girls [trailbait]
well, the internet is great. www.nymag.com is a key resource for me; i look up all the designers and watch their runway shows.

for mainstream--i mean really mainstream and simplistic--look at Banana Republic. these are modern basics.

belle gray is another great resource, you can check out new fresh trends and labels there. www.bellegray.com

one of my new favorite resources is www.etsy.com and this is a website chock full of artisans who make things like garments and handbags. i love etsy! and it's awesome to support artisans.

magazines are ok, i'm reading them just on and off. the internet is the fastest, most economical way to stay current; you can go through many resources without spending a cent, let alone bulking up your house with paper products, such as magazines.

i think the fastest way to refresh your look can be had with these steps:
  • a new hairstyle.
  • new lipgloss
  • a few new basics that have modern twists (ie, tanks are now long, t-shirts now with cool prints, etc. check out www.americanapparel.com for tanks and simple t's.)
  • a new style of jeans (don't feel that you have to spend over $150.00 because you don't have to. i'm still a fan of Gap jeans although their life expectancy generally is under 2 years).
  • a key spring and summer skirt, denim or linen, something you really like and can wear all the time with everything
  • most importantly a couple of key accessories that make a very contemporary statement (big sunglasses that are not for sport; a little clutch; maybe a spring scarf, and shoes that pop with color).

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