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Re: Small town girls [trailbait]
I haven't a clue how to direct you. I live in Chicago and I am clueless on fashion, makeup and other trends. But hearing that I am not the only one in their 30s that feels like a 13 with friends at a makeup counter makes me feel better. A few years back, I had a roommate who was my personal shopper. Whenever we would go shopping, I would stand out of the way and let her pick out things for me. She was a shopping champ and loved places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. She would literally push a "Deanna cart" and a "Hillary cart" through the store and then find me on the bench at the front of the store (usually reading a book) when it was time to try things on. I moved and oh, how I miss her.

Hopefully, someone will be able to guide us.

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