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Re: Do you bike commute to work? [Goodtime]
I rode my bike quite often to my previous job--a ride of ~36 miles, one way, via the shortest route. As an alternative, I would often drive in the morning, with the bike in the car, as well as a change of clothes for the next day; then leave the car at work, and ride home in the evening, and ride back to work the next morning. I could shower at work, but often didn't need to, since I worked essentially alone, and had no particular dress standard. And, I'd commonly run at lunch anyway. My "commuter bike" was generally my road frame, which was then a Trek 5200, but I occasionally rode the P2K.

Now, I work at home, so my "commute" is bedroom to office. I ride during the day two or three days per week, and on the weekend as well.

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