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Tour of the Mississippi River Valley
Registration for the Tour of the Mississippi River Valley (TOMRV) opens next week and I was wondering if their were any ST members thinking about riding this year. For those of you who do not know, TOMRV is a 2-day ride through Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Details are below.

What: TOMRV-- a 2 day bike ride with lots of views of the Mississippi River and hills (short and steep, rolling, long and steady, etc)

When: June 7-8, 2008 (same weekend as TriShark/Rockman)

Routes: There are two routes: long and short. The long route leaves from Bettendorf, Iowa and is 106 miles on day 1 and 88 miles on day 2. The short route leaves from Preston, Iowa and is 67 miles on day 1 and 44 miles on day 2.

Cost: $50.00 includes all aid staions, luggage transport, and buffet dinner.

Other details: The aid stations are the best around. Lodging is available at Clark College after Day 1 for a very reasonable fee. The buffet at Clark is amazing and includes the infamous oreo salad.

More details at http://www.qcbc.org/tomrv/

I did the ride last year and I plan on heading back again. Someone please join me.
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