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Welcome To The Womens Forum

Welcome –verb (used with object) 1. To greet the arrival of (a person, guests, etc.) with pleasure or kindly courtesy. 2. To receive or accept with pleasure; regard as pleasant or good; to welcome a change.

This forum was set up for women to discuss topics related to the sport of triathlon. Everyone, men included, is welcome to post a related topic or respond to any topic, however, posts that are not welcoming or supportive will be removed by forum moderators and you may be banned from posting in the future. Respectful debate and discussion to increase knowledge is the key to a great conversation.

Supportive—adjective 1. Giving support. 2. Providing sympathy or encouragement 3. Providing additional help, information, etc. 4. Medical. Helping to maintain a normal physiological balance.

Please note: When topics and/or posts become offensive we will post a verbal warning or the thread will be LOCKED if people cannot respectfully discuss the topic. Under special circumstances (and after discussion amongst the moderators) posts and/or threads may be deleted.

Political topics belong in the Lavendar room, the moderators do not wish to moderate political discussions.

WHY WOMEN WANT THEIR OWN FORUM: there will be no justifications on this topic now or in the future. The purpose of this forum is not to argue about or to defend women's issues and participants will not be required to defend themselves or their right to a place to discuss topics related to women.

IS IT OK TO FLIRT WITH FABULOUS WOMEN POSTING ON THIS FORUM? If you like women, then we like you too. If you are a misogynist, then you will get banned. In other words, it's fine to flirt but don't try getting aggressive or rude. This isn't a singles bar and we aren't drunk.

The sport of triathlon attracts many athletic, intelligent, charming, and successful women. Welcome to the party. We're here to celebrate.

Nashville, TN
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