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Re: The Indoor Trainer ST discount is still happening! [campagfan]
You're welcome. The price drop makes it an even better deal. Trainers ordered today shipped this week. Good time to beat the holiday/post holiday rush.

NEW: 11/16/07- A pricing change to us has enabled us to offer a new, lower price- effective now. Prior sales are excluded (sorry- we did not know this price would drop today)

Call us at (313) 278-1350 for the indoor trainer deal so good it has to be kept secret! This is the NEW 2008 MODEL!

We can't say the price or the type of trainer on the web or in writing, but if you call the shop we'll give you the details: (313) 278-1350.

On line purchase link: http://www.bikesportmichigan.com/...;page=1&featured

The price for ST'ers on this, the most popular high-quality fluid resistance road indoor trainer, is too low for us to advertise or even mention according to the manufacturer's rules.

Give us a call if you want a trainer at this price. We've already had a bunch of ST'er's jump on this. (313) 278-1350

Tom Demerly
The Tri Shop.com
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