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Re: Why so many Posers in triathlons??? [triwz]
I re-read your post. Here are the comments I have a problem with:

"I guarantee you that many slower people who give advice have not "studied" the sport."

"I just don't think people who normally finish in the back of the pack should be giving advice on what "works" for them, unless they clearly state what sort of times they're getting in their races."

First, assuming you (and T36) are not "BOP" (in what race, btw, the Olympics? Kona? Age group?), please state all of your PRs with links so we can verify them. I think it is EXTREMELY ELITIST AND RIDICULOUS to say that only "BOPs" should declare their times before posting. I would imagine that both you and T36 pretty much suck compared to Simon Lessing.

I was not specifically referring to you as an "A-H", but then my comment could have been read to infer that, so I apologize. :-)

But hey, if you're gonna post something clearly negative about "slower people" and the quality of their posts, you gotta EXPECT some potentially negative feedback. It's a free board... you're free to post your views, others are free to respond. But I was out of line in reverting to the A word, admittingly.

Dude, maybe you are a sub 9 IM guy, and you hate scanning through all the "useless" (to YOU) posts on this board from 12.99 hour MOP/BOPs on what works for them. But this is an OPEN board for ALL triathletes who love the sport and desire to improve/learn about themselves. If you want to start your own Board for Elites (with minimum qualifying times) please go right ahead.
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