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Cha Ching wit da bling bling
[reply]If elected president I promise a $3000 bike grant to every triathlete and cyclist in America. It may only be spent on one bike and the full amount must be used. All change goes to customerjon.[/reply]

rofl tibbs. Here in Australia they have just approved a $3000 payment non means tested for every child born after July 1. My wife is 36 weeks pregnant and made the cut. Perhaps I should get a new pushie or maybe that penis extension that I want.

This thread reminds me of a post by some dickh3ad on a board where he listed a dozen (or so ) names of guys who one of his coached athletes ran down in an IM and asked them to explain themselves. Too many small people make attepts at inflating their own egos at the expense of others and often make themselves the fool in the long run. I bet the thread starter thought he/she was going to get support on this topic but it has turned out the otherway.
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