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Re: Article on drinking too much during exercise [Slowman]
Hmm some great discussion here and perhaps the biggest bitch slap on ST ever...

Anyway, I seem to have a problem where I am cramping up in races. I am diabetic and quite often when I cramp up I am also high in blood sugar (from adrenaline, racing affects my blood sugar quite differently to training it seems). Being high in blood sugar makes me thirsty and makes you feel quite dehydrated. Usually the day before a race I find myself wanting to piss lots for some reason (and I do..), even though my blood sugar levels are normal and my fluid intake has not really changed. Same on the morning of a race...nerves or something?

Since there has been some great discussion on here, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to prevent these cramps? It has affected me (once real bad, entire lower body cramp) in my last 3 big races (one ironman race, one 2/3 half ironman (ie nz im 2006), and an olympic distance race). All of these races I have had quite high blood sugar whilst cramping it seems and I have also found myself wanting to piss lots the day before despite blood sugar levels being normal and fluid intake staying the same.

I used to get cramp at night when I was younger and would get cramp in my foot quite often when I was a swimmer.

ps am reeally working on the racing blood sugar thing.
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