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Re: Article on drinking too much during exercise [Slowman]
i rather think there may be other things that are harbingers of weight gain, such as circumferences. is your ring, or your watch, fitting tight, with your skin bulging out around it/them? what about skin texture and color? come on! is weight gain it? let's face the reality that we're not going to have a line of people waiting to stand on the scales at the weigh stations, like a caravan of tractor trailers on the interstate. let's have the experts "weight in" on the other signs of hypervolemia an athlete can recognize during an event.

Sorry my MD credentails aren't sufficient for you. When I attended a CME conference with the "experts" on this subject prior to Boston marathon last year, I learned "Drink when you're thirsty." Wow, that's all they could come up with?!?

As for the waiting issue, if they can have 2000 participants use on course porta-potties without a bunch of waiting in line, I feel sure they could find an efficient way to allow participants to voluntarily weigh themselves without undue waiting. Probably only 10% of the field would even choose to do so.

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