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Re: Article on drinking too much during exercise [Slowman]
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"I can't say too much about the "Non-Noakesians" at this point, simply because their viewpoint is not well represented in the literature."

that's interesting. i wonder whether andy coggan, or bob murray, would agree with this statement. and, it guess it depends on what among noakes' views you consider officially noakesian, his views on over-hydration, or what i take to be his views on whether and how much electrolyte replacement matters during an endurance event?
Precisely - and you seem to be confusing or at least confounding the issue by lumping all of Noakes' ideas together. That is, while you'll find plenty of people who agree with his observation that hyponatremia can occur during prolonged exercise due to overhydration with fluids containing no/not enough sodium, you'll find very few that will agree with his conclusion that the solution is to just let yourself become dehydrated.
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