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Cool Weather Racing Conundrum
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What do I wear?

Race start temp Sunday is forecasted to be 52 degrees, rising to about 60 degrees at the finish.

Now, on the swim, it's a fullsuit. On the run, I'll be happy in either my one-piece race suit or shorts and a sleeveless tri top.

But, the bike throws everything off. If I just wear the race suit or shorts/top, I'll be freakin' cold on the bike. Generally speaking, I like to be hot and I tend to be cold. If I were just out for a casual ride at 52 degrees, I'd probably have on leg warmers, a long-sleeve jersey and probably a light sleeveless shirt under it. In a skimpy tri-suit, wet from the swim, I will freeze my arse off, even while hammering.

So, two options appear, but both have downsides. I could put something on in T1. A short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, another tri top. The problem here is that putting clothing on in T1 is both A) time consuming and B) pretty difficult. Ever try sliding arms warmers over salt-water wet arms? Nearly impossible. Jerseys just kind of roll up instead of sliding on. I've always taken this option in cool weather races, and have always been frustrated standing in T1 wrestling with my clothing.

So, second option is to put the extra clothing on before the race and wear it under my wetsuit. The problem here is that I'm worried this will make swimming difficult. Has anyone tried this? I haven't. Can you wear arms warmers under a wetsuit without difficult? A short-sleeve jersey? Does that extra fabric constrict range of motion? Does it chafe?

Outside of my bike, my running shoes are my favorite things. Inside my bike, it's too cramped to run.
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Re: Cool Weather Racing Conundrum [Roscoe] [ In reply to ]
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I just did a HIM in those conditions in Petoskey Michigan...This is what I did:

I wore two sleevless jerseys under my wetsuit and put on a short sleeve jersey over them whe I got to my bike

On my legs I wore Knee warmers. I should have put on my toe covers and my arm warmers. The toe covers would have just been on my shoes and the arm warmers I would have had them rolled up like a condom to make it easier to put them on. I was quite cold and didn't feel my feet untill 2 miles in the run.

For the run I took off my short sleeve jersey and one of the sleeveless jerseys. I forgot to pull off my knee warmers and just ran the half mary with them on.

It would have been nice to have a very thin long sleeved jacket to wear but all I had were heavy ones.

Good luck in the race.

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Re: Cool Weather Racing Conundrum [Roscoe] [ In reply to ]
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I have put arm warmers on (rolled up) while riding my bike. I slide them over the aero bar extensions. Put footies on your shoes so they dont really take any time, jam some gloves somewhere on the bike (i jam them in the cables). Your T1 stays normal. But when you ride off, get out of the crazieness of the start of the bike leg. When you are not around anyone, and maybe on a slight downhiil and your arms have had a chance to dry a bit. Grab the arm warmers and put them on, then gloves. Then ride.

Of course I am assuming you can ride a bike while doing other things. (I would not recomend this to many triathletes i see out there).


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