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1/2 IM with a sinus infection ?
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I'm pretty sure I've got a sinus infection, I'll see the Dr. in a couple hours. I've been training all season (10 months) building up to a 1/2 IM this Sunday which will end my season. Has anyone ever raced with a sinus infection?

In some workouts over the last few days I've been very hit and miss. Sometimes I feel crappy but my performance is pretty good. More often I feel like hell and my performance sucks. When I can't hold decent quality I've backed off and called it a day early trying to get more rest.

If the sinus infection is going to prevent me from performing well, is there something else I can do to make the race a learning experience? I would like to experiment more with pace on the bike, but I'm guessing that the results would be invalid due to my illness throwing everything off. Any ideas?
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Re: 1/2 IM with a sinus infection ? [tom] [ In reply to ]
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I'm in about the same boat but my race is on Sat. The last 1/2 I did in July also found me with a mild sinus infection. I don't know what level of congestion you have but for me its been pretty mild. With that in mind I have cut back on my workouts to practically full rest, maintained my hydration and tried to get adequate sleep...

Come race day, I took some "cough and cold nightime formula" the night before and then a dose of daytime formula morning of the race. This cleared me out nicely!

I would say you should go by the old rule of exercising when you are sick - "above the shoulders, O.K.; below the shoulders, probably not a good idea; fever, NO GO!"

Best of Luck and hope you feel better so this whole discussion is moot....


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Re: 1/2 IM with a sinus infection ? [Tri-Wog StL] [ In reply to ]
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I raced Wildflower this year with a sinus infection. Made the mistake of taking a decongestant before a 98-100 degree day and ended up in the med tent. I kept mildly trying to train through the sickness for the next month and ended up losing most of my season and ordered by the doctor to quit training for a month. If this is your last race of the year its a bit of a risk but probably doable. Be careful about what meds you take. Don't push if its not tolerable or you can take yourself out for a long time.
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