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endurox during workout.?
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anyone using this stuff during the workout as opposed to just a recovery drink? the carb and sodium content seem to be good?.

i'm wondering if the high protein would be bad during exercise?

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Re: endurox during workout.? [luke] [ In reply to ]
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I live by the stuff as far as recovery... I originally was just using Gels and water on rides.. However, one of my training buddies uses his Endurox. We were sitting around and I was reading an article reviewing the sports drinks.. Anyway, Accelerade (Endurox's sport drink line) was described in the article as being "Essentially a watered down version of Endurox" I'm not sure, but there must be some subtle differences. So i've tried what he recommended... Use one scoop in a small water bottle (rather than what would be two scoops for the recovery dosage). It seem to work great! I believe the take on protein while training is make sure you have some carbs with it (which Endurox does) The best thing is to try it yourself! But definitely go the watered down route to avoid some serious stomach issues. Hope this helps!!!

P.S. There's a whole bunch of articles outlining the benefits of Protein-Carb mixes while training... I punched it up on google and here's an article I came accross:
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Re: endurox during workout.? [luke] [ In reply to ]
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I used to use Endurox before, during, and after cycling workouts. I had no complaints. The carbohydrate/sugar percentage is relatively high though. Could contribute to stomach/GI issues as a result. I used to take a swig of Endurox and chase it with a gulp of water. I think this effectively turned it into watered down Endurox or what you are suggesting Accelerade is.

You could use one scoop of Endurox pr 12 oz of water instead of the normal two scoops if that is what you really want to do.

Looking at the price of Endurox per serving versus the price of Accelerade per serving, it is apparent that Accelerade is much less expensive per serving than Endurox. I figured why would the company that manufactured Endurox formulate another product for during exercise, when they could have preached, "Just use Endurox all the time" unless there really was a valid reason in their mind for using Accelerade? In essence, by consuming Accelerade instead of Endurox, the consumer was reducing the profit potential for the manufacturer of these products. Manufacturing one product instead of two and consuming a more expensive product per serving would have been the way to go if profit motive was the only driving force. I concluded there must have been some science behind this that justified two different products and the additional costs associated with the manufacture and distribution of both products.

I still use Endurox before exercise. I now use Accelerade during exercise. And I still use Endurox after exercise for recovery.

I believe I experience far less muscle soreness the day after hard workouts and that I recover more quickly, but that's just my perception.

As to the protein question, I always considered that ultimately I was trying to support the rebuilding of muscle tissue after it was stressed during exercise. By using Endurox, I believed I was putting the necessary nutrients in place to support this process.

The sodium was never an issue for me. I perspire profusely and usually have salt caked on my body from it. Replacing this lost sodium is more of an issue for me. The Endurox didn't hurt in this regard. I often use Endurolytes as well.

Maybe I'm just the ultimate "sucker" for this style of marketing? Go figure.

As you, I am interested to see what the "experts" have to say on these issues as they weigh in on this one. I hope you get many responses.

Ben Cline

Better to aspire to Greatness and fail, than to not challenge one's self at all, and succeed.
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Re: endurox during workout.? [luke] [ In reply to ]
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I swear by Endurox, but as the others say, it is pretty heavy. I used it as full strength during a workout once, and it did upset my stomach a little.

However, Accelerade, which is a slightly weaker, does not bother me at all. You could try watering down the Endurox and see if that works.
Also, I have been using the Accel Gel, which has protein in it, and that doesn't bother my stomach either. It tastes pretty gross, but it works fine.

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Re: endurox during workout.? [luke] [ In reply to ]
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There is essentially very little difference between endurox and accelerade (first number endurox, second accelerade)

Calories per serving 270 120

Calories from fat 10 6 (no saturated fats in both)

Calories from CH 208 84

Calories from proteins 52 20

Sodium 220 190 (mg)

Potassium 120 65 (mg)

There are also minor amounts of vitamins and other stuff.

If you are to dilute endurox to 120 calories per serving here are how the numbers compare:

4.5 vs 6

92 vs 84

23 vs 20

100 vs 190

54 vs 65

So basically, accelerade is essentially endurox with more sodium. It obviously comes in different flavours and they actually changed calories per serving for the Accelerade from 135 to 120. Before, it was exactly half the calories of the endurox, so marketing probably realized that it was too easy to make the calculations.

I use the stuff for very long rides as a hyperconcentrated mixture (800 to 1200 calories in one bottle) and drink diluted gatorade.

I buy accelerade or endurox depending on the price. Usually, accelerade ends up a little cheaper but that's not always the case.

Same stuff, marketing scam to increase sales.

Francois in Montreal
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Re: endurox during workout.? [fbrissette] [ In reply to ]
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Accelerade and Endurox differ in that you use 1 scoop of Accelerade and 2 scoops of Endurox. Use two scoops of Accelerade, and, as you point out, they are about the same.

The way I use them both is to fill a large water bottle, dump two scoops into it, then shake like the dickens. Once this is done, you have two bottles with similar nutritional value. However, I have found two dritical differences:

1. Accelerade mixes a lot easier than Endurox
2. Accelerade does not upset my stomach during workouts, and Endurox does.

One other point: If you look at what is actually in the two drinks, I believe that Accelerade uses simpler sugars than Endurox, so they are absorbed more quickly.

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Re: endurox during workout.? [jmorrissey] [ In reply to ]
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Why the high sugar content of Endurox R4?? 40g per serving!! Anybody know the source of these sugars? Seems way too high.
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Re: endurox during workout.? [jmorrissey] [ In reply to ]
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I believe that Accelerade uses simpler sugars than Endurox, so they are absorbed more quickly.

That's interesting. Have you actually seen details about CH content of both products ?

I haven't noticed differences between both products but since I never used them in their recommended dosage I probably would not even if there was. At 1000 calories a bottle, they are both very hard to dilute ! I don't fancy the taste of either product much, so for anything shorter than 1/2 IM I used good old Gatorade.

But for 4 hours+ workouts or races, getting most of my calories from either product works wonderfully. No sugar high or low and plenty of energy. Before Endurox, I struggled with all sort of eating schemes.

Francois in Montreal
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Re: endurox during workout.? [luke] [ In reply to ]
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I have to agree with what some of the others have posted. On rides Endurox upsets my stomach whereas I have never had a problem w/ Accelerade. I continue to use Endurox as a recovery drink and think it works fantastic. I can always feel the difference in my legs the next day if I dont drink it. The only issue I have ever had w/ Accelerade is that on warm/ hot days when the water bottle heats up, warm Accelerade tastes a lot worse than warm Gatorade - although neither are pleasant.

The two are relatively the same, but there are differences and my stomach can tell. However I must admit that I have never tried to "double up" the dosage of Accelerade and use it as a recovery drink.
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Re: endurox during workout.? [luke] [ In reply to ]
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I use Endurox only for recovery. Endurox is too heavy for use during a race IMO and as mentioned above I too have had GI distress from using during a race. I can't prove it was the Endurox but it seems that way and it was a horrible experience, but that is highly personal of course.

One note, is that Accelarade made minor changes to it's new formulation. I don't remember the numbers but they were very slight. I spoke with the guy at the bike shop and we compared labels and the changes seemed so small we couldn't figure out what would change it. As I recall, they added some carbs? But would have to go home and check containers.

The Endurox uses high GI carbs or sugars to spike insulin which is a necessary hormone for recovery and good for post work out because it aids in the building of glycogen and the utilization of protien for recovery.

I use hammer gel during races for my carb intake because they are not hi GI carbs and allow for more stable insulin and energy levels.
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Re: endurox during workout.? [fbrissette] [ In reply to ]
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"That's interesting. Have you actually seen details about CH content of both products?"

I remember comparing the ingredients some time ago, but I forget the specifics. I did find them online, and listed them below. Note that the Accelerade is mostly sucrose and maltodextrin, while the Endurox is mostly "Complex Carbohydrates"(whatever that means) and glucose.

I still agree with your original statement that nutritionally they are similar, but I believe that the difference in ingredients affects absorption and accounts for why many people find the Accelerade to be easier to digest during workouts.

Nutrition Facts (profile of fruit punch flavor)
Serving Size = 1 scoop (34.9g)
Servings per Container = 56
Per Serving:

  • Calories 135
  • Total Fat 1g (saturated fat 0g)
  • Cholesterol 5mg
  • Sodium 190mg
  • Potassium 75mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 26g (dietary fiber 0g, sugars 18g)
  • Protein 6.5g

    Vitamins & Minerals % DV: Vitamin C 100%, Vitamin E 100%, Calcium 6%, Magnesium 32%.

    Ingredients: Sucrose, Whey Protein Concentrate, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Fructose, Lecithin, Magnesium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Vitamin E Acetate, Ascorbic Acid, Monopotassium Phosphate, FD&C Red 40.

    Supplement Facts:
    Serving Size = 2 scoops (74g)
    Servings per Container = 28
    Per Serving:

  • Calories - 270
  • Total Fat - 1g (Saturated Fat: 0g; Cholesterol: 10mg)
  • Total Carbohydrates - 53g (Sugars: 29g)
  • Protein - 13g
  • Vitamin C - 470mg
  • Vitamin E - 400IU
  • Calcium - 100mg
  • Magnesium - 250mg
  • Sodium - 200mg
  • Potassium - 120mg
  • L-Glutamine - 420mg
  • L-Arginine - 920mg

    Complex Carbohydrates, Glucose, Whey Protein Concentrate, Crystalline Fructose, L-Arginine, Vitamin E Acetate, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, L-Glutamine, Magnesium Oxide, Artificial Flavor, Potassium Phosphate, FD&C Red #40.

  • ------------------------------------------------------------
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    Re: endurox during workout.? [jmorrissey] [ In reply to ]
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    Has anyone used carbo pro. I've used it from Oly to IM distance with good success. It's pretty much tasteless and spiked with your favorite gatorade power and very tasty. I put 2-4 scoops in large watter bottle and gatorade to taste. It's verry sticky if spilled. Have had no symptom especially GI from this mix.
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