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Reasons for sale: My wife bought this for me last month, but being that I'm in San Diego, I enjoy riding outdoors too much to justify having one of these great tools. Another reason for selling this is that I found out after hooking everything up to my bike that my current computer really doesn't have enough power to run the Computrainer program. We were going to purchase a new computer, but due to job instability, I can't justify a new computer yet. Without the new computer, no use for the Computrainer (my home computer is a 286).

Computrainers are awesome, but you already knew that! Here are the delicious details:

New condition Computrainer Pro3d.

Purchased in February 2004.

Comes with everything you get with a new Pro3d computrainer- cadence sensor, heart rate, manuals, sensor, and power.

You are able to ride free courses from
www.computrainer.com along with many other sites on the internet such as www.performancecentral.net

I also purchased the USB adapter from Radio Shack for my PC and it is included ($40 value).

The USB adapter allows you to hook the computrainer in your USB port rather than serial. Works great with a laptop!

I'd be happy to answer any questions. For further help that you may or may not need, Computrainer's customer service is excellent!

For more info go to:


If you were to buy all of this brand new from Computrainer, it would cost:
Computrainer Pro3d = 1379.00
USB = 40.00
total = 1419.00

I'm selling it for $1,175 + shipping via UPS (depends on where you live)

Computrainer 3D Pro Trainer system includes:
Load model 8001
Handlebar control module
3D software
Power supply
Mini serial adapter
Cadence sensor
Cadence magnet
Heart rate sensor
Front wheel block
Additional download courses at computrainer.com and performancecentral.net


How many miles did you ride today?
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