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March Triathlon Series

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Date: March 24, 2011
Race Type: Triathlon
Bike Surface: Road
Drafting rules:? Non-drafting
Kids Race? *NOT* a kids' race
Course: 1500 meter swim, 24.7 mile bike, 6.2 mile run
Start: 8:00 AM
Location: Arroyo Grande, California
Address: 6800 Lake Lopez Drive
Contact: (213) 200-3940    |

Individual Price: For pricing, see website.
Team Price: For pricing, see website.
Registration fees included?: Not specified whether registration/convenience fees are added. (NB: this is a new field in the calendar, so "not specified" does not definitely mean "no.")

Course Info: Sprint Course:
Swim: Single 750 yard loop in Lake Lopez
Bike: Relatively flat out-and-back
Run: flat out-and-back

Olympic Course:
Swim: Single 1500 meter loop in Lake Lopez
Bike: Two different out-and-backs, with a moderately difficult hill
Run: flat out-and-back

More: Aid stations:
-Each aid station will be stocked with water, sports drink, and nutrition supplement
-Bike: Olympic distance only - on Hi Mountain Road (exact location TBD).
-Run: Mile 0.73, Sprint turn-around, Olympic turn-around.

Directions: Please describe how to get to your race from your surrounding area.
Directions to Lake Lopez from Northern California:

1. Driving on US-101 South toward San Jose, Take exit 202A to merge onto Marsh St.
2. Turn right at Broad St/CA-227
3. Continue to follow CA-227
4. Turn left on Tank Farm Rd.
5. Tank Farm becomes Orcutt Rd, stay straight on Orcutt; do not turn left
6. Turn left at Lopez Drive
7. Continue straight on Lopez Dr until you reach the park entrance

Directions to Lake Lopez from Southern California:

1. Driving on US-101 North, Take exit 187A for CA-227/Grand Ave
2. Turn right at CA-227/E Grand Ave Continue to follow CA-227
3. Stay right at Huasna Rd, Do not continue on CA-227
4. Continue straight on Lopez Dr until you reach the park entrance

Register: Click here
Website: March Triathlon Series


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