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2XU vs. Skins




Apr 13, 12 7:31

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2XU vs. Skins Quote | Reply

Obviously both are big companies and both offer very similar products. Which are better quality, work better, better customer support etc..
Just looking for some feedback. Thanks


Apr 13, 12 7:37

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Re: 2XU vs. Skins [RyanM] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

I have had SKINS recovery pants for a little over 1yrd. Machine wash (warm) them every week once. Still all threads on there. Still has nice compression. Quality is awesome. Never dealt with customer service etc.

I had some 2XU products last year and the threads came loose after 2-3 weeks. Send them back to wiggle for a full refund. No problems there. I also didn't like the fabric. It's a little thicker I think and too hot in the summer (for me).

Bascially I'm a SKINS guy (and am in the process of getting some RY400 soon) but I also know of plenty of people who are very happy with 2XU and have no problems with theirs. Then however, those people have never used SKINS.