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Hip Impingement/Arthroscopy/Cam Lesion.




May 21, 11 8:47

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Hip Impingement/Arthroscopy/Cam Lesion. Quote | Reply

Hey folks, I am looking to hear stories about this either yours or if you can point me to reliable resources for information.
I am hoping to hear from the person who had the surgery if possible rather than the Dr. interpretation. I am interested in the onset/early symptoms, lead up to surgery, surgery, Immediate recovery and then the long term recovery (training).

I did see this post:

Updates from all involved in that one would be great!

I have been diagnosed as having a Cam Lesion by a hip specialist/orthopedist by Xray and exam alone.

I have been thinking that it was Trochanteric Bursitis. My pain is all over the outsides of my hips, down my leg about 8 inches and not so much in my groin area. I do have some pain slightly in front just below my "hip bone" but only sightly further forward and lower than that. I am very slightly sensitive to palpation or pressure around the trochanter and when I sleep on my sides I have a lot of pain the next day. I have the most pain after running or biking particularly in the aero position as in 4 hours or more later. Although I can feel it while working out that is not my main source of pain.

The Dr. does not think it is Bursitis. He gave me Cortisone injections anyway as a diagnostic. I have not really responded to the Cortisone although I think there may be some relief in my left hip. I am still hoping for some other explanation and a bit in denial.

Dr. and I discussed surgery as a future consideration, I have not had an MRI yet.

So that is where I am.

I have been watching the YouTube videos of the surgery, hurting, not sleeping well or training (Vineman 70.3 and Arizona coming up) and getting depressed. I can't decide whether to train with pain until the end of the year, rest for a while and be way under trained for these events or to just stop where I am.

What is your story?

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May 21, 11 8:59

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Re: Hip Impingement/Arthroscopy/Cam Lesion. [Number2] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

hit me up if you want to know about FAI and Hip impingment. I have an MRI and XRAY saying my left side is impinged and has a torn labral but through some great PT and steady monitoring I have avoided surgery and am back to racing full speed all distances up to Half Ironman. I will be happy to help.



May 21, 11 17:34

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Re: Hip Impingement/Arthroscopy/Cam Lesion. [Number2] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

That would be a thread I started. I didn't have nearly the symptoms you have: only occasional pain that, in retrospect, was my body's defense mechanism to some problems in there. My surgeon said there's a nerve that runs near the joint that could be impacted by surgery (maybe that's what you feel in your leg?).

My surgeon suggested that we could put off the surgery to the fall so I could race this season (I was aiming for Nationals), but when asked what the downside might be, he said "non-repairable versus repairable." That was a no-brainer: even at my advanced age of 53, I want to have lots of race seasons ahead of me.

Surgery 2/28, including shaving a bunch of bone off my femur. 2 weeks no exercise, then added swimming (one leg push-offs) for two weeks, then added easy riding indoors for two weeks, then off crutches for two weeks, then running (at 8 weeks). Today, 82 days after surgery, I did 51 miles on my TT bike at 20.4mph and at a power that I'd have been happy with a year ago. Last week I did 3x800 on the track descending to 3:05. I'm doing serious sports rehab (not PT) right now to strengthen some weaknesses and "unblock" my other hip and get everything to relax. I'm going to be racing in July.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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May 21, 11 19:14

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Re: Hip Impingement/Arthroscopy/Cam Lesion. [Number2] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

Sorry to hear about your hip issues, I was in your position just 6 months ago.

I had arthroscopic surgery for a CAM impingement/labral tear in my right hip back in at the end of January - this came after Doctor #1's two attempted cortisone shots (one inside the joint, one outside) over the span of 2 months and recommended time off didn't help at all. My problem, though, was clear to Doctor #2 in my x-rays and MRI and he diagnosed me right away: the head of my femur was essentially shaped like a square and after 20+ years of running it finally tore the labrum and severely damaged the cartilage in the hip. When the pain first appeared, it was after about 7 miles of running...then about 2 weeks later it was at mile 5...then about 4 weeks after that I couldn't make it 2 miles...then within 2 more weeks I couldn't even walk long distances.

Even though I've been focusing on running only for a few years, I was back on the bike 2 days after the surgery (doctor's orders), was walking around with a cane within a week (only used the cane for long distances and only for a week or two), did some pool running once the tiny incisions healed, was allowed to do the elliptical starting at 4-6 weeks or so, and started running again just under 3 months after the operation. I've been back running for 5 weeks now and the hip feels good...although my other body parts are still getting used to running again after 4 months off.

I do have some lingering tightness/range of motion issues that I do believe would affect me if I was still cycling (such as difficulty with flexion of the leg which would severely limit my ability to get into the aero position), but I have very few complaints so far as a runner.

The best advice I can give is that if you're going to go ahead with the surgery, find a hip guy who does lots of these procedures and has a lot of experience with them. Minimally invasive FAI corrective surgeries are still relatively new and I was lucky to live right near a guy who's renowned and does over 200 a year. I know other people who have had procedures from less experienced doctors and have had pretty bad recoveries.

PM me if you want some more info - I'm happy to share experiences (and even pictures) from my diagnosis to the procedure and even recovery.



May 23, 11 16:36

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Re: Hip Impingement/Arthroscopy/Cam Lesion. [trinerd47] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

Adam, it looks like I may be heading down the same path, would you mind sharing who your Surgeon was in Santa Monica. Thanks- Anthony


May 23, 11 17:01

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Re: Hip Impingement/Arthroscopy/Cam Lesion. [MAGGBO] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

Sorry to hear that, Anthony...I'm happy to help out with info if I can.

The surgeon I ended up using was Dr. Jason Snibbe at Beverly Hills Orthopedic Group - HIGHLY recommended. I'm sending you a PM with more info.



Nov 28, 11 13:40

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Re: Hip Impingement/Arthroscopy/Cam Lesion. [Number2] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

I have just been diagnosed with a cam lesion and fai,thought it was bursitis also. I am having an MRI of my hip next week . would like to hear any stories or updates from some who have had a recent hip arthoscopy .