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Nov 11, 09 15:24

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I have a re-conditioned railroad bed near my house I plan to run on at night now that the time change makes it dark at 4:30PM here in New England. It is pretty smooth, with light gravel/dirt, but is not lit and runs through the woods so it is very dark. Therefore, I'm seeking recommendations for some type of head lamp. I'd prefer to not spend a ton of money because I'm not sure how much I'll actually use it. I'd prefer something that can be re-charged and really only needs 2-3 hours use on a charge.


jonny bonk

Nov 11, 09 15:34

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I think there have been some posts on this already, for more opinions you may want to do a search.
I use the Petzl Tikka, they have a couple different models of it. I think one is 30 bucks the other $45..
I use the latter and it has 3 light level choices and is plenty bright.

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Nov 11, 09 15:35

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Get yourself a Petzl. Like the Tikka, Tikka plus, etc. If you want rechargeable, I would pick up one of those battery chargers for AA and AAA batteries and use those. That way you can use the batteries for other things as well, plus you can pop in longer-lasting, regular (non rechargeable) ones if you want.

Many running stores sell Petzl. So does REI.

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Nov 11, 09 15:38

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I just bought a Petzl MYO RXP and it is fantastic. There is like ten different power settings and you have the option of setting which 3-4 you want. It uses 3 x AA batteries. So you can use rechargeable batteries(check to make sure your particular one can - it'll be written on the inside of the power pack) or lithium batteries. This is a great light for the price.

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Nov 12, 09 3:39

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Petzls work really well. I changed the headband with a different light that had an additional strap over the top of the head (instead of just around like a headband) and had better success with keeping the light where I wanted it though.


Nov 12, 09 4:45

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I have several headlights, some more expensive and 10$ units. For smooth surfaces where I don't get disturbed by car lights I prefer the cheaper models; enough light and very lightweight and comfortable to wear - and 2 AAA batteries that lasts for months (using 2 sets in a winter season, don't bother to look for rechargeable options).

Using more expensive lights (my favourite is Led Lenser 7) for uneven paths and "real" offroad - it's simply overkill for even surfaces.

Bell Head

Nov 12, 09 5:43

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You may find you don't need a light just to see. (Being seen is another matter, but that doesn't sound like an issue here.)

Once the leaves are off there is usually enough light to see at night. Your eyes adjust pretty quick. I run early in the AM out in the country, on dirt and farm roads, through maple and pine woods, and can easily see the occasional pothole or rut. I only wear a headlamp during hunting season so nobody mistakes me for a deer. Not that my running resembles that of a deer in any way.

If the surface is nasty, however, a light would be a good idea.



Nov 12, 09 5:54

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Re: light for night running [JeffJ] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

So the best light out there, if you want a "real" light is the magic shine light. This thing is taking the MTBr world by storm. It's a light that all the off road riders are using as their helmet and handlebar light. The guy that sells them geoman (google his web site) is a great guy. He just added a three prong head strap that allows the magic shine to be used on trail runs or backcountry adventures. I bought the magic shine for my bike commute. I kid you not the illumination from this thing is comparable to my $400 light set ups. This thing is only 90 bucks. Now, the lumens this thing throws out there is somewhat overkilll for a trail running light. But when is more light really overkill? This thing is awesome for night riding. It does use an external battery pack that you could tuck into the pocket of your tri jersey if you want to run with it. If you want an awesome all in -one do anything set up, magic shine is for you. I'm a frugal guy and I would have to say that in terms of lumens per dollar this thing is the best value in the lighting industry.


Nov 12, 09 7:30

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i use a magic shine on the bike and will use it to xc ski, but it's overkill perhaps for running. There are nice lights in the outdoors section of any big box sporting goods store than run off a AA battery, the runtime is long, there is enoguh light and they are less that $20. Harbor freight also sells nice lights for cheap.


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