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The best cushioned shoes for a bad back are?




Jul 22, 06 10:43

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The best cushioned shoes for a bad back are? Quote | Reply

Hi, I have a back problem that I'm trying to manage. I replace my trainers often and currently use Saucony motion control trainers.

I have been told by a few runners that the cushioning on these is not as good as some other market leaders.

My problem is a stress fracture of the pars at L5 and affects a nerve in my back causing cramps in my calf etc.

So what are the best cushioned shoes for someone of 78 kgs?

Thanks for your time.

Tom Demerly

Jul 22, 06 10:54

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Re: The best cushioned shoes for a bad back are? [Gary] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

Wow, a running shoe question I may be able to answer!

I have a devastated back from two accidents. Both pretty bad. Right now I am having success with the Asics Gel Kinsei and the Asics Nimbus VIII. I notice both these shoes tend to "even out" at paces below 8:30 per mile. Above that, they still feel firm-ish to me.

Tom Demerly
The Tri Shop.com


Jul 22, 06 14:11

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Re: The best cushioned shoes for a bad back are? [Gary] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

Tom's got a great reccomendation although if you do need motion control those two nuetral shoes might not work for you:P I'd fathom to say that although the Saucony's are very good (plus they tend to help me out with free race shoes pretty often) the Brooks Beast probably offers a bit more cushioning and then you also might want to try out the Mizuno Renegade and if you don't mind lifting a few more ounces and you are blessed/cursed with wide feet the New Balance 1122, maybe it's 1123 now is a very very cushioined shoe with lots of motion control. Also, whatever shoe you get besides the Brooks (it already has a great insert) add a cushioned insert to it, ie a Spenco Runner/Walker, a Sorbathane, something extra cushy.

Good luck:)

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Jul 23, 06 4:05

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Re: The best cushioned shoes for a bad back are? [Gary] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

After my two knee surgeries last year, I moved up to the New Balance 991. It seems to be the best cushioned neutral NB running shoe. I've been running in NB shoes since 1980 and didn't want to change brands but I don't think the shoes made a big difference. Here's what I did to salvage my running; no more running on the road except in triathlon, that means no more road races, and train only on grass, on a trail, or on a cushioned track. I also switched my race shoes from NB831, a high speed trainer to NB754 a cushioned trainer. It's worked, I feel great and I'm running well. Do tri's with up to 10k run, and run an occasional trail race. the shoes won't save you, it's how you train. It takes a little more planning, but it's worth it.

Good luck, I have to get over to the track!

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