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Retul vs Guru vs go get a new fit again
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[/font]Bike fit experts,[/font]

I am admittedly a newbie here and going back to the forums again to dissect some information from my most recent bike fit last week. Some background, I received a fit a couple years back from a guru certified fitter in the North Charlotte area. I have not ridden in 2 years and it was suggested that i get a new fit. Long Story short, Last week I found myself with a 2 day layover in LA and decided to call around to some of the preferred fitters to see if i could get squeezed in. I was fit by a outfit out of the Irvine area. They used Retul to help with the fit. (notes and video attached). My concern is that these two fits seem to be pretty different, or I could be totally missing something. In both fit situations I am coming form little to no experience on a triathlon bike or even road bike for that matter, so i find it hard to believe that they seem so different. Anyway, my goal is to purchase a cervelo or quintana roo tri-bike.

Basic information about me: I am 6'2" I don't think i am necessarily long legged or long torso'd...

What say ye?

[/b]Guru Fit:[/b]
PX: 557
Py: 644
Sx: 158
SY: 756

[/b]Retul Fit:[/b]
Final DFU X/Y coordinates: (Also referred to as Serotta X/Y coordinates, these four measures start at the bottom bracket and measure to the middle of the handlebars and the clamping area of the saddle rails. I convert these numbers into an ideal frame stack and reach pair of numbers that allow us to search for available bikes)((Fitters Notes))

HX 510/520
HY 630
PX 457 (467 acceptable alternative) (back of pad, i assume)
PY 706 (696 acceptable alternative)
SX 182
SY 730
Bottom bracket to top of saddle 80.3 cm Bottom bracket to saddle nose tip -5 cm (ISM Long) Saddle nose tip to back of pads 52.3 cm Top of saddle to top of pads -8.3 cm

Video: Retul fit https://photos.google.com/...cHU0ek1UNHdMdnNhQVpR
Retul Fit Link for full report: https://www.dropbox.com/...st%20Report.pdf?dl=0
[/font]Retul additional notes with x/y: https://www.dropbox.com/...es%20Report.pdf?dl=0[/font]
Guru fit link for full report: https://www.dropbox.com/...EZyBcCCoSL2awka?dl=0
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Re: Retul vs Guru vs go get a new fit again [tdaf22] [ In reply to ]
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No comment on your fits, I will leave that to the professionals. But what bike you get fit on is really irrelevant, those are just tools used.What you really need to know is what protocol(if any) the fitter is actually using to fit you, that would be helpful information..
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Re: Retul vs Guru vs go get a new fit again [tdaf22] [ In reply to ]
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If that Retul video shows a position with 80.3cm of seat height, then an 83cm seat height (Guru #'s) is not a good outcome. You are close to the high end of an acceptable range of knee extension in the video (and showing some toe down at the bottom). The overall Retul video looks decent, though you could probably ride lower and more forward.

The Guru numbers are somewhat eh, questionable. Not just the seat height, but those pad x,y numbers are nearly outside the adjustment range of a 58cm IA, which is a good fitting bike with a nice range. With an 80cm seat height on a reasonable lean athlete, there's little reason you shouldn't fit that bike a little better. With the Guru numbers you are going to be 1mm shy on drop (644 actual vs 645 lowest bike setting) and a mere 8mm away from fully adjusted outwards in reach (557 actual vs 565 longest bike setting)

Your Retul fit of, let's call it, 520 to center of pads (if we bring you forwards slightly as well) and 680, if we drop you another 2.5cm, is really close to centered in that 58cm IA. I think an even 80cm of seat heigty with 3cm of setback and maybe 10 cm of drop would be close to an actual optimized fit. Call it pad x,y of 520, 680.

Forgive me if I interpreted anything wrong.

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Re: Retul vs Guru vs go get a new fit again [FindinFreestyle] [ In reply to ]
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Thanks for the feedback. Would you think I would fit in a size 56 Quintana roo PRx?
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Re: Retul vs Guru vs go get a new fit again [tdaf22] [ In reply to ]
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You should be good. Those bikes fit a little big. I reviewed the PR6 fit chart real fast. PR5 is about the same but with a bunch more range with a standard stem set up. I'm assuming pad X,Y of 520, 680 still. 520 to center of pads. I think the PR5 is a way better buy than the 6 anyway. I love the IA, but the PR series comes with better bars, better saddles, and generally shorter cranks.

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