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Brake Cable Splitter?




Nov 14, 04 16:13

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To Tom or any other guys with bike shop connections. I have a friend that is in a bind. He does a lot of cycling tours and the like. He has just purchased a new bike and needs a brake cable splitter(?). This device allows both sets of brakes to be operated by one brake lever. He lost some fingers in the Army a few years ago and has a hard time braking with his left hand. I know these things are out there, we installed one on his older bike. The shop that sold us the last one can't get them anymore. We are not looking for a freebie, just somewhere to place an order.

I figured if these things still exist somebody on this board will know were I can buy one.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


Nov 14, 04 16:45

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I'm not sure if this can help you but profile-design.com are making a splitter for shifting, maybe it can be adapt to be use by your breaking system. Here's the link: http://www.profile-design.com/...c_shift_adapter.html

I would try to contact them (profile), they may accommodate you in some way.



Nov 14, 04 16:57

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Any bike shop that orders from QBP can get a Wishbone Cable Doubler, catalog # BR2796

Or you can order here for $40.00: http://precisiontandems.com/catalogpartsweb.htm

Hope this helps.

Cousin Elwood

Nov 14, 04 17:22

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Can something like that work for a derailleur? I used to have a Profile Split Shifter, and I loved it, except that it malfunctioned way too often, and when I had my bike overhauled, the mechanic said my shift levers were toast because of it. I'd love to find something that would do that job effectively.

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Mito Chondria

Nov 14, 04 17:37

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Is it a TT bike? If so you might find another solution. Peter Reid had those aerodynamic brake levers at Hawaii in 03. I don't know who made them and if they were made in large numbers. Never saw them up close but they were straight foreward extensions. I assume you could brake with them by simply pushing the straight extensions down or sideways as this would pull on the cable. You might even be able to use them on a road bike set up.

maybe that helps. good luck.


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Nov 14, 04 18:08

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Your friend has a few options. One is to go with a tandem double brake lever. this is a old style road brale lever desiogned to work with a bar end shift lever. It is designed to work with to brake cables. You must use brakes which have the eccentric levers to open them (non modern campy). You use the eccentrics to fine tune the cable pull so you get the right balance between front and rear braking.

The second option is to use regular STI type levers with a front brake on his good hand and set up the rear brake using a bar end shift lever as a drag brake. Basically you use the bar end to scrub speed on long down hills and the front brake for fast stops.

Both of these systems are widely used for tandems. They will commonly have 450 lbs of bike and rider coming down a mountain and need exotic braking solutions. Contact any shop that specializes in tandems or go to the harris cycling website.