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BBS - Triathlon Holdups?
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Sorry stupid title. I have been playing about with Best Bike Split and creating race plans for various races.

One thing I am having problem with is modelling the various delays you get during a triathlon bike stage. For example race I did yesterday. First interval was a slight uphill out of the park, BBS said 314 watts 25.84kmh. But the road was potholed to hell, I had to get my feet into my shoes and get going, navigate a narrow gate.

There was also a right hand turn on to a main road. The RD said everyone had to unclip and foot down at this junction otherwise DSQ. The BBS interval for that portion shows a constant 36kph approaching the turn and throughout it. In reality I had to sit up slow, stop, wait, go, accelerate.

Is there anyway of marking these things in the BBS courses? Or do people just take the BBS estimate an add 5 minutes on?

My next race is a 70.3 I am hoping for a close to 5 hour finish. Just want to model my required splits so I know what I am aiming for on race day. BBS is telling me a 2:36:10 but I know this is unlikely.
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Re: BBS - Triathlon Holdups? [iwaters] [ In reply to ]
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I've thought about this, but not a whole lot. I'm not sure what to suggest about mid-race slow downs, except to wonder if you could just boost your target power by 1 Watt over the entire course. The foot down thing sounds like maybe it costs you a minute, which is one third of one percent of a 5 hour ride.

As to the slowdown at the beginning, why not just exclude the first 1km of the course in the model? Accept that it's going to take you 3 minutes (say) and model the rest of the course 3 minutes less than you want for the entire bike leg.

Just a few thoughts.

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