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Anyone done an 80/20 analysis on their training?
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Heard of an 80/20?
The idea that often 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes?
With the idea that you then focus your efforts on this 20%

Has anyone ever sat down with this and their training and cut certain things out?

I basically did and it was swimming in the pool.

Don't get me wrong I don't mind swimming, but getting to the pool and back is a real pain. It takes at least an hour of biking and getting changed each way, so 3 hours of my day. The biking is not training. It's through a town on horrible dangerous roads. Another reason it's been cut.
I'm trying to find a better pool, moving house soon which should help.

As a result on not swimming in the pool each day my swimming likely sucks now, but I use stretch cords 3 times a day for 10 minutes and my FTP is up around 20-30w. I reckon this will prove out the theory above. I will be getting back in the pool, but only 3 times a week and only in the 3-4 months leading up to race season.

What do others think?
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Re: Anyone done an 80/20 analysis on their training? [TriByran] [ In reply to ]
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I'm only now picking up running to go with my riding, so others will chime in with much better advice.........

But, I can't imagine that would work well for Tri sports. I'm a good example. I can drop the shit out of some people on the bike that I could never run with. But, I go out and run.........LOL! I think my first little 5k run a month ago it took me about 30min and that was hurting. Then recently managed one in 26 1/2 min. That's still very very slow versus my riding abilities.

It's because, I spend over 80% of my time on the bike! So I suck at running.
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Re: Anyone done an 80/20 analysis on their training? [burnthesheep] [ In reply to ]
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That’s not the 80/20 rule though as running is going to fall into the category of contributing to 80% of your race performance. Does those make sense?

What I’m meaning is, I’m spending too much time trying to swim lots, when swimming lots only contributes to a small amount of race performance for me.
Yet if I take that wasted time getting the pool I can maximise my bike and run which contribute a greater effect.

I sort of did it this year when I cut the pool and swam in a river by me, I lost 5 mins on my Ironman swim but probably gained double on the bike
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