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Is it Safe to Use Massage Chair while Pregnant?
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Fact is that a massage chair offers many benefits but at the same time this product has some associated risks.If you want to know whether it is safe to sit on massage chair while pregnant then it is time to unlock the best answer. First thing to keep in mind is that risk level varies in different stages of pregnancy. Pregnant women can grab benefits from a massage chair but they should never overlook its associated risks. In this article, I would like to highlight both pros and cons of massage chairs for pregnant women.
What to consider must?
Here are certain factors that you must consider while deciding whether to sit on a massage chair during pregnancy or not. Here are 3 important things.
If you are on the first trimester then it is good to stay away from a massage chair. In this pregnancy stage, risk of miscarriage is higher than other stages. So, you need to be better careful than to be sorry at the end.
Don’t sit on chair if you don’t fit well on it. Sometimes, women sit on a small sized chair. They increase health risks while doing this as it causes unnecessary body pressure.
Keep an eye on your medical history and complications. If you has a history of pre-term labor, problematic pregnancy, headaches, preeclampsia, etc then you shouldn’t sit on a massage chair.
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