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How was your week? Nov. 14 Edition
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How are you?

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Re: How was your week? Nov. 14 Edition [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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I am well! How was your week?

Last week's goals were 6 rides/7h 45m. I only managed about 6h 34m as had to ditch the Saturday ride 20 minutes in. It's the second consecutive Saturday ride I've had trouble with so this week am going to keep Friday as a rest day to see if that makes a change. Rest day is relative of course as I have physio this Friday and that always puts me through the wringer.

This week: 5 rides/6h 45m. Keep up physio exercises. Complete mandatory learning for CPD (done)!

It was the awards dinner for our cycling club on Saturday and I picked up the trophy for my age category. It's huge and is great motivation to work hard over the winter. (Apologies for the huuuuuge picture.)
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Re: How was your week? Nov. 14 Edition [Scheherazade] [ In reply to ]
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That's AWESOME! Give yourself a big ole pat on the back there! :-)

Last week's plans went awry as I got sick Fri eve (flu) and spent the next 2 days in bed. I am certain it's from stress - being so busy all the time - not getting enough rest, etc. So the tally looks like:
- Run 1x (ez aerobic) - DONE
- Ride 1x - FAIL
- Skate 3x including a meet on Sat FAIL missed the meet. Racing this sport sick is dangerous. Not worth an injury.
- Go to the cenptaph on Friday and think about all who have given DONE.

This week: get fully recovered; look at how to better manage my stress
- Find a new GP (mine retired, finding a new doc after 30+yrs will be a challenge) - DONE (appt for next Mon, fingers crossed)
- Run 1x EZ
- Skate 1x
- Referee 1x (all day meet, I'm the chief ref)
- Ride 1x EZ
- Nail the "job" interview on Wednesday with our city's mayor and CAO for (don't laugh, this is totally up my alley) a role as a Commissioner of our city's Electrical Utility. 3yr position essentially as a member of the "board of directors" for the utility, requires only 1 day every 2 mo. Current boss is totally on board for it. :-)

EDIT: tried skating this morning and had to stop after warm up with the spacey-head/flu feeling again. So likely nothing aside from Refereeing and the job i/view. :-)


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Re: How was your week? Nov. 14 Edition [Scheherazade] [ In reply to ]
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That's awesome, congratulations!
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Re: How was your week? Nov. 14 Edition [Scheherazade] [ In reply to ]
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Whoa, that is quite the trophy! Very cool. Congratulations.

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Re: How was your week? Nov. 14 Edition [Scheherazade] [ In reply to ]
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Wow, congrats Scheherazade! Good on ya!

Last week's goals:
- swim x 1: win
- run x 4: win with 5
- core/strength x 2 (done)
- mobility/stretch x 2: win

Ran lightly last week just to keep things loose, including a ~20min shake-out on Saturday afternoon at beautiful Centennial Park in Trenton. The wind off Lake Ontario was chilly and strong, but it was so beautiful I hardly noticed.

Sunday morning up and at 'em at Batawa Ski Hill. The course for the 6-hour was a 6.5km loop that started with this climb:

(That's about half of it - you turn left at the top of this part and continue up where you see the hill continue)

Lots of hidden roots & rocks under the leaves - wrenched my left ankle several times, but somehow it managed to hang in. There was a really tricky descent from the long ridge you run on after the first climb; all kinds of loose stones in a nasty washout, covered in slippery, ankle-deep leaves. I took a bit of a fall here on my 2nd lap when my foot just went out from under me - landed on my butt with my forearms on some roots & rocks behind me, resulting in a couple of nice scrapes on my right arm (that I totally didn't notice until I went to shower off later)

This looks so innocent in photos. In real life? Petrifying.

It was a really beautiful course with lots of distinctive sections: lots of forest trail; some heavily rutted, mildly muddy double track; a few grassy bits and a kilometer-long stretch of flinty rail trail that wore you out because there was no excuse to walk.

Apparently some people dubbed it "the corridor of despair" - false flat climb the whole way.

Most of the loop was much more interesting, though. The on-course photographer got this somewhere out there, and I love the light and contrasting colours:

Spent almost the whole time staring just in front of my feet to keep from hurting myself, until coming to the final climb:

Then once you got to the top (hopefully without falling on your face due to the slippery, shifting leaves & rocks under them), it was past the top of the chairlift and down a steep, quad-wrecking ski run to the start/finish area.

I dawdled along a bit taking most of the photos you see above during my 2nd lap, and stopped at the start/finish of each loop where my husband had my dedicated aid station set up so I could get a full hand bottle of water and scarf back bite-size crisp rice treats, a couple of sips of chicken broth, or whatever sounded good at the time. With 5 laps down I wasn't sure I'd have time to do more than 6, but figured I'd rather try than leave 45+mins on the clock at the end. Had Tank get my trekking poles ready for the 7th lap while I pushed the pace a bit through the 6th loop, and headed out for lucky #7 with just over 52mins left. With the poles to aid my climbing I finished the last lap for 45.5km in 5:57:38. Missed 1st woman overall by about 5mins, but I was one of only 2 women (out of 15) to complete 7 laps. The top 2 men got in 8 laps/52km, and 5 other men completed 7, putting me 9th out of 27 overall. Good thing I hustled toward the end, though: apparently they told Tank just as I was out of earshot heading out for my final loop that only completed laps count!

So, pretty pleased to have put in a solid performance just 15 days after the other 6-hour, despite my quads being screaming balls of pain right now. Fortunately, despite having taken a huge beating in the first few hours (and making me wonder if I'd be DNFing due to torn ligaments or something by my 2nd lap), my ankle doesn't feel too bad.

Not setting any goals right now as this week is my off season. I'll walk some, maybe swim a bit, and probably won't even attempt a run until the weekend at least. Have to get all the little niggles taken care of before I start building again for the 8-hour in early January.

ill advised racing inc.
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Re: How was your week? Nov. 14 Edition [tigerchik] [ In reply to ]
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goals for this week:
swim 5x (1 done) check
bike 5x check
run - one day off, do things that get me faster (1 done ;-) I did a super good job with both of these!
5 x 1 hr focused writing I didn't do 5 x 1 hr and I didn't get what I feel is an adequate amount done, but I did spend some time writing.

I swam 5x for a total of 8200 yds, rode 5 times for 36 miles (hey, that's a mile more than last week), and ran 6 times for a total of 47.5 miles. I did a good job balancing run distance and speed, and am rather proud of that.

I made a sticker calendar a couple weeks ago to motivate myself to do a good job of eating normally. (I get a sticker for each of these days. Yes, I'm a two year old). Emergent pattern: Thursdays are tough days for me. I think by that day I am just exhausted. Sometimes just the awareness helps... so I will have to come up with a way of taking better care of myself on Thursdays. Also, yesterday was rough and I'm not entirely sure why. I had a busy day and had trouble settling down, I think. I am so trying to work on this.

One of the schools I applied to called yesterday, and I got a Skype interview. :-) I have 12 applications out right now, so it's nice to hear back that at least one place is interested! (It is a little early to hear news, honestly)

goals this week:
rough draft of one of journal article
bike 5x
day off from running
keep doing a good job doing things that make me a faster runner (so far so good)
swim 5x (2 done)

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Re: How was your week? Nov. 14 Edition [AndyPants] [ In reply to ]
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How did the interview go?! And I hope you feel better soon.
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