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Writing Services for the Triathlon Industry
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Looking for a skilled and knowledgeable freelance writer to help you stand out in the triathlon industry? Let’s talk.

From single projects to long-term assistance, I offer affordable and customized freelance writing services to the businesses and individuals serving the triathlon community.

My work with diverse clients - including a leading sports management agency, media, and vendors – ensures my writing is informed by the trends and topics relevant to the audiences you want to reach. An age-grouper with dreams of Kona someday, I also offer the perspective of an average triathlete doing the swim-bike-run thing.

I am available to research and write your:
Articles (including ghostwriting) | Press Releases | Blog Posts | Online Content | Social Media

Visit my website for a complete list of services and writing samples.

Thank you, and I hope we can work together soon!

Best, David Landers

David Landers, Freelance Writer
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