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SATISFIED: Pro Bike Mechanic for Int'l Travel with RaceQuest
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Are you an experienced, professional triathlon bike mechanic who has a heart for service and a desire to travel and work internationally? Are you looking for a great first assignment that takes place July 1-11, 2017, and could lead to additional international race week and/or training camp placements?

Does the following describe you?

  • Meticulous and precise in your approach to work and life
  • Courteous, patient, and polite with your fellow team members and especially with clients
  • You’re highly skilled, professionally trained, and up to date with the latest in triathlon bike frames, systems, accessories, bike performance, and technologies
  • You like being part of a team that respects you, and provides you with everything you need to produce great work and happy clients
  • You can handle multiple client bike issues, questions, and requests with ease
  • You’re trustworthy and capable of working independently, without “micro-management”
  • You keep an organized, orderly work space, and you wouldn’t want it any other way
  • You can drive a standard transmission vehicle, aka “stick shift” van or car, with confidence
  • You LOVE what you do, and your positive attitude is contagious!

Industry Experience:
  • You have at least 3 years of proven experience servicing and maintaining high-end bicycles, preferably triathlon/TT bikes. You know what you’re doing.
  • You can confidently and efficiently assemble, safety check, then dis-assemble and repackage a triathlon bike beautifully, pre- and post-race. You possess the “mad skills” to make it look easy.
  • You have experience troubleshooting and repairing any mechanical issue, particularly with technologies such as electronic shifting, brakes, replacing cables, chain repair, bearings and other repairs as they may sometimes occur with this type of work assignment. You can identify and repair potential mechanical problems that could ruin a race day.
  • You hold Certification from a formal bicycle maintenance and repair program (not essential, but preferred)

Requirements and Expectations:
  • You have a set of tools, portable work-stand, and can prepare a “portable bike repair kit” that can ship internationally
  • Ideally you have a phone that can accept a SIM card, is unlocked, or have an international phone plan in place for internal communication with team members onsite
  • You’re available to arrive in Nuremberg, Germany for our race week team orientation on July 1, 2017. Your work assignment with us is complete the afternoon of July 11, 2017.
  • You have no other commitments during this time period that would distract you in any way while you are in Germany working with our team
  • You are prepared to work a couple of days, mostly at the trip beginning and the trip conclusion, with very long hours, but you will maintain light “bike shop” hours mostly, that we will work with you to establish (We want you to enjoy some rest / down time, too!)
  • You are available on Race Day, if we need you to assist clients and staff
  • You can handle adhering to just a few simple rules, which are “common sense” and involve situations that would reflect poorly on you or on RaceQuest. This includes no smoking, no drinking alcohol while working, no drinking alcohol when you are in the presence of clients, or being generally unprofessional in your interactions with others.
  • You can follow our casual dress code of khaki and/or black board shorts, pants, or other similar apparel that looks neat and professional

IF THIS IS YOU, and you're interested in this assignment, send your qualifications, current location, a note to us about why you are the ideal candidate and how we may reach you to discuss the generous package of travel, perks and financial compensation that's commensurate with this unique, high profile opportunity.

Connect directly with us at team@race-quest.com and put “BIKE MECHANIC” in the subject line. No phone calls will be accepted; emails only. Learn more about us and what we do at race-quest.com.

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