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Kiwami North America is looking for an Administrative Assistant - Lake Forest, Illinois -
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Job description:
Kiwami North America is located in Lake Forest, Il. To accompany us in our development, we are looking for an Administrative Assistant. This is a part-time position with the potential of becoming a full-time position.
- College degree is desirable but not compulsory.
- A good knowledge of endurance sports is preferred but not compulsory.
- Computer skills are desirable.

- Detail oriented
- Able to recognize and solve issues quickly
- Strong organizational skills
- Flexibility to move from one task to another with short notice
- Strong interpersonal skills
- Self-motivated and able to use own initiative
Key Responsibilities:
- Take direction to complete daily tasks that are assigned by the company’s manager
- Daily tasks include and are not limited to:
Customer orders fulfillment
Customers relationship
Social media feed
Website updates
Inventory management

Qualified candidates can submit their resume and cover letter to andre: contact@kiwamitri.com

Kiwami North America
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