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Industrial Designer - Pearl Izumi - Advanced Development
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Just a heads up that our team is looking for an industrial designer.

Our advanced development team is tasked with gaining insight into the cycling market and developing product that deepens the rider's experience. We're not a plug and play team. We challenge each other, we're bold, we push limits.

The working environment is terrific, our team is small, travel is a must (but we're typically riding, so it's good!).

We're looking for someone who doesn't just design for a living, but is incredibly passionate about what they do. If you draw inspiration from all aspects of your life and show up at work excited to share what you saw / read / realized / learned, please check out the description.

If you have questions or apply, send me a message.

The above poster is a physiologist employed by Pearl Izumi. However, statements are not made on behalf of nor reflective of PI in any manner... unless they're good, then they count.
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