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I'm Available! - Sales and Operations Experience
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Good Morning Slowtwitchers!
My wife was presented with a pretty sweet opportunity to move from Phoenix to Carlsbad/ Oceanside area, - I am available.
I have extensive Sales and Operations Experience with customer service and call center operations.
My strengths are hiring, developing and leading talented people and long term strategic planning.

I am not familar with the San Diego area and I am currently researching great companies with great cultures!

Here is my LinkedIn profile for your reference and I am open to any constructive feedback; https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorenzoperez

Happy Training!
Lorenzo Perez
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Re: I'm Available! - Sales and Operations Experience [LuckyLo] [ In reply to ]
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Looking to hire you to be my personal assistant am a reputable business man and always busy to read mails send payment to my client and check would pay you want good read your post on forum about the job..willing to make good partnership with you..let mr k ow of you interested so we begin thanks a lot .
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Re: I'm Available! - Sales and Operations Experience [lawsoneekart] [ In reply to ]
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Beware of the email or seller as indicated in the title.
New user and only 5 posts. lawsoneekart
They emailed me directly expressing interest in purchasing something. I provided paypal address and instructions. I then get notification from "paypal" that payment has been sent and that funds would be released once tracking details provided.

They indicated my email address in my profile which is not linked to any paypal address.

The email address from 'paypal' looked legit "Service@PayPal.com�" however when you scroll onto that, it is actually: "onlineapprovedetailz@mail2pay.com" The emails themselves look close, but I do alot of paypal transactions and they look different with grammatical and punctuation errors.

Crossed reference by actually logging into my paypal address and there are no funds or indication of transaction- no surprise.

Looks like they person is going for Garmin products.

Please post if you are having similar experience with user and maybe mods can disable account.
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