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FS: Purely Custom SICI Fit Bike For Sale
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SICI Purely Custom Fit Bike for sale $4500

It is equivalent to the Purely Custom Fit Bike Pro that retails for $11,495 that is listed on their website below are details.
Additional pictures upon request.

Dynamic Load Generation Utilizing the CompuTrainer Unit
Assembled Dimensions: 65" Long x 24" wide x 37"-53" Tall
Saddle Clamp X/Y Range: X: 126mm to 325mm, Y: 490mm to 882mm
Saddle Height Range: 560mm to 992mm (Using Saddle with 55mm Rails to top of Saddle Height)
Handlebar Clamp X/Y Range: X: 330mm to 610mm, Y: 450mm to 845mm

Fit Bike Pro Features:
  • CompuTrainer load generator
  • Notebook to Run Software and Apps
  • Tablet Stand That Swivels and Can Extend To Accommodate Aero Bars
  • ‚ÄčAll X and Y adjustments can be made safely while rider is in motion
  • Fit Bike Pro can be upgraded to Powerbahn load generator with Pure Logic software
  • 110v and 220v electrical hardware available
  • Printed Scales to Quickly Determine Saddle Clamp and Handlebar X and Y Coordinates
  • Bulls-Eye Bubble Levels for Leveling Bike
  • Industrial Grade Linears and Lift Columns
  • Fine Adjustments Made Easily with 4mm Travel per turn of the Handle
  • Purely Custom 155mm-185mm Adjustable Cranks
  • Adjustable Leveling feet
  • Does Not include Saddle, Pedals, or Handlebar

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