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A new database of fitters
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Hello fitters

I posted a while back telling you about our project to build a big database of bike geometries with a side-by-side comparison tool. It's doing well, growing in size and daily users.

We've got a new section of the site about to launch now. It's a global database of bike fitters (you guys), searchable by location.

It's here: https://geometrygeeks.bike/fitters

It's free to claim or add a listing, and easy to correct any inaccuracies (or remove it if you don't want it). If you want to show contact details and other info, we ask you to pay for it - basically to subsidise the rest of the project.

Why will this succeed where other databases have failed? We're attracting an audience of cyclists already very interested in geometry, and will be (tastefully) cross-promoting fitters from the geometry database. I hope that's attractive to you!

We are currently doing a "soft launch", verifying listings and telling you guys about it. In a week or two we'll be launching to the public, linking properly from the front page and telling folks about it in our newsletter, on forums and in the press.

I'm doing this with a friend as a part time project, with no illusions of becoming rich from it. We're very open to feedback, so get in touch if you'd like to know more, offer advice or opinions or just chat about it. Drop us a note at hello@geometrygeeks.bike


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