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Seat Ultegra 6800 Group and profile design carbon stuff
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Cleaning out some parts I no longer need.

Prices will include shipping to the U.S.

ISM PS 1.1 Seat - maybe 250 miles total on seat.
$85 Shipped

Profile Design SVET Zero Base Bar with Aluminum Brake Levers - 6 months old
$135 Shipped

Profile Design Aluminum T5+ Extensions with Pads
Only installed never ridden
$60 shipped

Profile Design Carbon T4+ only extensions
Only installed never ridden

FSA SL-K Light Carbon Crank 53/39 Standard No BB
Only 250 Miles 172.5


Ultegra 6800 Groupset Bar end Shifters front and rear derailleur and brakes

Speedplay Zero Pedals and Cleats

Click link for pictures

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Re: FS: ISM PS 1.1 + Profile Design Aero Bars and Carbon Crank [PayneM85] [ In reply to ]
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Price drop and added the speedplay pedals and Ultegra Groupset
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