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Mar 24, 03 13:45

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I have slight exercise induced asthma and was looking into training tools such as PowerLung to help improve my breathing. Has anyone out there actually experienced any positive benefits from a tool like this?

MultiSport PDX

Mar 24, 03 14:14

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I too have exercise induced asthma and tried about everything natural to deal with it. After trying everything from acupuncture to herbs to breathing exercises I went to an asthma specialist. Now I am on Singular, Advair, Allegra, Flonase, and Provintel. My asthma issues are almost wiped out and my lung capacity test are excellent even in exercise. I had hoped for a natural cure but have resolved myself to this bevy of drugs as it is the only thing that has worked... If you find something non-drug related that works please post it here!


Mar 25, 03 9:10

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HOLY COW, PDX!!!!!! Do you own a pharmacy???

I've had EIA for nearly 30 years now. I've trained and raced for the last 5 using only Proventil (or Albuterol) and done fine. Last fall, something more sinister set in, and depending on who you talk to it's restricted, obstructed or reactive air disease. I see a pulmonologist tomorrow.

I'm now taking Flovent, which I believe is similar to Flonase. Are there any side effects that you're experiencing?

Cgottesman, any tests of my lung capacity have always been "normal," so I'm not sure whether the PowerLung is a help here. I think that once those membranes swell, we're screwed.

MultiSport PDX

Mar 25, 03 9:24

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Re: PowerLung [flyebaby] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

Only side effects I have had are the occasional bloody booger... other than that it has been fine... I live in Portland, Oregon where we have high mold, pollen, grass, etc. irritants in the air. Causes my allergies to act up (Allegra, Flonase) thereby irritating my already fussy lungs and respiratory track (Advair, Singular, Proventil). My biggest problem was on my shorter workouts as I could never catch my wind and would suffer horribly for the first 45 minutes or so. On my long days I can almost go without drugs as I have the time to start slow and not push my lungs too hard during that first 45 minutes or so... Anyway. Good luck with it all...

Mike Green

Mar 25, 03 18:18

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Re: PowerLung [cgottesman] [In reply to] Quote | Reply

In case you haven't seen it ,Dan had an article on asthma - http://www.slowtwitch.com/...features/asthma.html

Also JulieAnn reviewed the SpiroTiger. http://www.slowtwitch.com/...ewproduct/spiro.html

Triathlete magazine had a favorable review of PowerLung a couple of months ago.

I use flonase, flovent and alupent. Been very effective for 10 years. But do not know of long term side effects.

flonase is cortocosteriod nasal spray. flovent is cortocosteroid oral inhaler. I get some nasal irritation and bleeding in one nostril from the flonase, but nothing major. I have No known side effects from flovent

Was interested in SpiroTiger based on JulieAnne's review but it is a bit expensive.

Also interested in hearing from people who use these products.