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Nov 14, 09 11:18

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Last week I did a pretty good leg workout. One day later my right quad started to pulsate/twitch (in one area)....this has been going on for 3 days now (non-stop). I have no idea if it's related to my workout or not but I'm starting to freak out because it doesn't seem normal. Anyone else have experience with prolonged pulsating/spasms/twitching in the quad region? Should I be phoning my Dr. on Monday to get in?

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Nov 14, 09 14:38

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I don't think it's worth a Dr visit and yes, it's very likely due to your workout. Normally things like that just go away on their own but you could try doing a light workout such as spin on the wind trainer, light run or swim but mainly kicking. A massage would help but I would try self massage first. Try taking a regular rolling pin and rolling it over the area. Try to roll upwards towards your heart. If it's still there by the end of the week then maybe a visit to physio. Just my opinion.


Nov 14, 09 19:50

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I get twitching muscles often if I am in a heavy training week, etc. Like the other person said, it usually goes away on its own - you might need to do some stretching, spinning, icing, or something like that if you want to speed the process...the only reason I'd go a doc or physio is if it was painful and persistent.